NASA: Scientists identify 60 kittens in Saturn’s rings

Scientists identify 60 kittens in Saturn’s rings

The Cassini spacecraft managed to find these objects before disappearing in the atmosphere of this planet

The Cassini probe of NASA, which ended incinerated in the atmosphere of Saturn. The space agency said that we found at least 60 “kittens” orbiting the F ring of the planet.

But such objects are not really cat pups. Cassini scientists gave names of little cats to these celestial objects.

The kittens of Saturn are a group of tiny moons in training aspiring occupying the planet ‘s F ring.

Scientists explain that these ” kittens ” emerge in this outer ring, which composed particles of all sizes that collide between them and adhere to each other.

Saturn’s list of ” kittens ” includes such names as Fluffy, Garfield, Socks, and Whiskers. They are nicknames for more complicated official denominations like “Alpha Leonis Rev 9”.

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